I help empower you as you face reality, take control of thoughts, habits, and actions to ultimately thrive!
    I am so glad you are here. My name is Wanja and I know EXACTLY where you are…I’ve lived in the brokenness of inner struggles, insecurity, and emotional upheaval that destroyed the life I thought I would always have. I know what it is to be privately struggling with destructive habits while being an apparent success on the outside. The problem is that living that lie was not sustainable. It never is. It collapses flow and keeps to busy to know when to shift.
    You have all you need to live in abundance.
    What is holding YOU back?
    I’m going to show you how to intentionally and systematically refill your cup to overflow. I know how many people depend on you. This is the kind of program you have been seeking. I would like to formally invite you to a way of life that YOU CAN CREATE on purpose. This is your time to FACE THE REAL REASON WHY YOU’RE STRUGGLING TO MOVE FORWARD.
    In order for you to TRULY walk in a new season you must understand what’s been holding you back, take your power back, and step into inspired living. It’s time to fight and WIN THE BATTLE FOR YOUR PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE. LISTEN: I know this is hard. Let US do this together! For a Limited time, press the button to get access to my calendar! I will help you gain clarity with one thing. It is a gift for you. If you never want to see me again after that, it is all good! We are all travelers on a broad highway!

"Wanja instinctively noticed the fearful “shutting down of my emotions”, and she quickly gave me strategies to cope and overcome. Wanja wastes no time. She is focused on and prioritizes her clients. I trust Wanja's voice, coaching and approach."

Eilish K.
Gym Owner, Kettlebell Competitor, Wife and Mom 

Hobart, Australia
“Wanja is genuine, real, humble, and has unapologetically taken her pain and turned it to purpose. She does not speak from the mountain top but rather lives the principles she teaches. She is in the trenches. Wanja has systems and helps you map out a concrete, tangible process to attaining the success you want."

Anna C.
Community Activist and Mom
Attorney at Law

Georgia, U.S.A.
"Wanja embodies work ethic, passion, toughness, commitment and focus, and anyone has a lot to learn from a coach like Wanja. Her genuine spirit is a magnet. She brings light in the shameful world of trauma, mental health, and addiction. Her intuition and wisdom is definitely divine.”

Joshua N.
Tech Guru, Dad, Son, Husband

Nairobi, Kenya
"I know Wanja as a passionate, empathetic and wise professional. She has a big drive and is totally convinced about her purpose in life. And that is leading others on a path of growth and fulfillment. I would definitely recommend her as a coach."

Fief M.
Business owner, Mom, Wife, Psychologist, Coach of The Macs

Hoorn, Netherlands
"I have known Wanja for a very long time. She has always been one female leader I have looked up to her in the corporate world and my personal life. Having walked with her through her story, I saw courage in action. She fearlesslessly picked the broken pieces, one at a time.  Working with Wanja one-on-one challenged me to question my assumptions and to walk in my purpose and tell my own story." 

Esther N.
Enterpreneur, Wife, World Traveler

Georgia, U.S.A.